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Mary Lisovskaya

Frequently Asked Questions

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The game does not load.

Do the following:

  • Press Ctrl+F5 – this will refresh the page.
  • Update your Flash Player to the latest version.
  • Try to launch the game in a different browser.
  • Try to clear browser cache.

How to become a moderator?

You can find all the necessary information in this topic.

I was banned, for what?

You can always complain about a moderator’s action in this topic. Before writing a complaint read forum rules of conduct.

What is Search?

This service allows you to find friends in your country. People, displayed in Search are of a different gender than you. You can choose any person you like and make friends.

How to be in the “popular players” rating in Search?

Click “Search” then “Become popular”. 1 place in the popular players rating will cost you 10 bottles.

How to see more people in Search?

Click “Other guys/girls” and the search page will be refreshed.

How to search for guys and girls from other countries?

Click on your country, then choose the country you need.

How to replenish your balance?

  • Buy bottles. Next to your balance there is a button “replenish your balance”. Click on it to buy more bottles.
  • For every heart you receive, you get 1 bottle.
  • Court the players. For every heart you give to other person, you get 1 bottle.
  • When someone starts courting you, you get 1/3 of the cost of courtship.

Why didn’t I get a bonus bottle on launching the game?

Everyday bonuses are given if you launch the game once a day, every day, not missing any.

Why don’t I get a bottle for every 15 minutes?

Bonus for every 15 minutes is given if you are an active player. If you have missed your turn or a kiss, you will have to wait another 15 minutes.

I don’t see buttons, message fields in the game. What do I do?

Set browser zoom to 100%. You can do it via page settings or pressing Ctrl+0.

How do I find my friends?

You can make friends with players. Open a profile (click the player’s avatar/his nickname in chat together with Ctrl) and click the button “add to friends”. Now your friend will be displayed in your profile in your friends list. Also there is a special list of people you are courting. You can always know if your friend is in the game and go to his or her room.

How to go to a friend’s room?

To go to a friend’s room, click on your friend’s profile, then click “Go to the player’s room”. If there’s room for you, you will enter. If there’s no room, you will have to stand in a queue. When you are able to enter the room, you will be notified with a message “Would you like to enter the room?” Confirm. If you don’t confirm within 15 seconds, you will miss your turn and get a notification. Also you can be kicked out of the queue if it’s a private room or your friend left the room.

I want to write a message to a player. How do I do it?

If you click on a player’s name, a private chat will be opened. Only you can see the messages in that chat. You can open a private chat from a player’s profile (click on the player’s avatar or his or her name in chat, pressing Ctrl at the same time), choose “invite to chat”.

Also, to address a player in chat, you can write his or her name. Click on a player’s name in chat pressing Shift and the name will appear in your message. All players can see such messages.

What is courtship and why do you need it?

You can court any person you like. But it is not free, though the person you are courting will get 1/3 of courtship cost. Moreover, you will get a bottle for every heart you give to the person you are courting. Courtship lasts 14 days. If the price of courtship is not raised, the courtship will end. Each time the price of courtship is raised by 1 bottle. You can court several people at the same time, but you can be courted only by one person.

A player is swearing, flooding. What do I do?

You can complain about other players’ messages if they violate the rules clicking on the field on the left of the message you want to report. All complaints are anonymous.

How do I give presents?

To give a present to a player you have to open his or her profile (click on the player’s avatar or his or her name in chat, pressing Ctrl) and click on the button “give a present”.

How do I give hearts?

To give a heart you have to open a player’s profile (click on the player’s avatar or his or her name in chat, pressing Ctrl) and click on the button “give a heart”.

How to change my profile photo (avatar)?

To change your profile photo, go to your profile (left top tab), and click “change the photo”

Profile photo size should not exceed 12 Mb.

Why am I not in the rating?

To appear in the rating you have to gain points. You gain points when you kiss, receive presents, hearts and also when answers to your questions (in Search) are positively marked by other players.

To appear in a special rating (for example, popularity rating), you will have to meet certain requirements (in case of popularity rating – raise the cost of courtship).

What is a bomb and where do I get it?

It is a mini-game: one player throws a bomb into other player and if it isn’t beaten off, the bomb bursts and stains the player’s avatar with red paint for 15 minutes. You can beat the bomb off just by clicking on it.

You can buy bomb where you buy presents (click on the player’s avatar or Ctrl + click on his or her nickname, “give a present”), in “Witchcraft” category.

Bomb is the only present that does not influence the rating.

I gave a present to other player but it disappeared. What happened?

There are different types of presents: things, music and witchcraft.

If you give a thing to a player (for example, a heart, a cake or a teddy bear) it can disappear only if that player receives a new present. Also presents disappear when the player leaves the room.

Musical presents disappear when music stops.

Magical presents disappear in 15 minutes after being given, or when the player leaves the room.

Who are VIPs and how to become one of them?

VIPs have certain benefits:

  • They can open private rooms for free.
  • They have discounts on certain presents.
  • They have a special status in chat and a personal frame for their avatar on the game field.
  • They have a special place in VIPs rating.

You can become a VIP in rating window (top tab “ratings”). Click on “Forbes” rating and then “Become VIP”.

What is a private room, how to open it and how to enter it?

To open a room, go to your profile (left top tab) and in a right bottom corner click on “buy a room”.

Every private room has its own number. You can enter the room if you know its number and password. You enter them in a special window (which appears after you click on “enter the room” in a left bottom corner in your profile).

The room is opened for 24 hours. To open a private room you will have to pay 20 bottles. VIPs can open private rooms for free.

How does blocking a player work?

If you don’t want to see a player’s messages, you can add him or her to blacklist. Go to his or her profile (click on the avatar or his or her name in chat, pressing Ctrl), choose “Ignore”. You will not see the messages of the players you have added to blacklist. You can get a player back from blacklist by clicking “Ignore” again.

How to clear private chat message history?

You can clear message history by pressing Ctrl together with the cross that closes a private chat.

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