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  1. How to get into the game ? Click on the icon social networks through which you want to enter . The window for entering the login and password . Enter your username and password from the page from which you play . Confirm input. WARNING: you start the game again , the level , coins , nuts, and other rewards from the game in social networks is not transmitted ! You can simply click "play" and play without authorization social networks . How to start the game? You've gone to the game . If you walk for the first time , it boots Training location . Here you can learn how to manage your squirrel . One button is responsible for running left and right, another button allows the protein to jump. How to manage your squirrel and how to learn ? Check your squirrel easily - the name above her head yellow. Other names Protein white Shaman - blue . How to become a Shaman ? You need to click " Become a shaman " (bottom right or in the "Results of Round ") and pay the fee. Button "Becoming a shaman " is available from the third level . If no one pressed the button becomes a Shaman first ran into the Hollow of a protein which has a Shaman Passport (available at school). If none of the Certificate of proteins no Shaman , the shaman becomes the most experienced of the protein. How to create objects , being a shaman ? To create objects , you have to drag them out of the bottom menu in your range ( available space outlined white circle ) , click and hold a couple of seconds . To fix the yellow thing ( mobile ) or red ( fixed ) ping ( nail) , you need to select an object after you press the green check mark . Rotate objects can use the button with the white square ( circular arrow then appears . Clamp it and rotate objects in the right direction ) . For training , click on the School ( island near the planet ) . Who are the other proteins ? Other Proteins - a real players from different social. networks. You can communicate with them using instant messaging and add " My tribe ." Who is Rabbit NeSudby and how to be? In the location "Pinery" any player can not play the usual squirrel, hare and become NeSudby . You can cause earthquakes , steal nuts, protein glue gum , spit on the whole screen , thus dazzling white and move them , becoming stone . Also after death you can for 20 seconds reborn near shaman. To become a hare NeSudby , you need to click " Become NeSudby Hare " (bottom left or in the "Results of Round ") and pay the fee. How to change the name? Name can be changed by going to your cabin . There in the upper left corner hangs a plaque with your name , level of experience and scale . Click on the name and change it to the right . What is a map and how to change it ? The game has a set of cards that alternate randomly. The passage of the card is given 1-3 minutes , for which you have to take time to get to the nuts and hollow, then the whole team gets on the next card. All cards are not dependent on each other . Each card is played from 2 to 15 protein . To get to the other card ( and protein to another team ) , you press the "Exit" button in the upper right corner , and then go to the desired location on the map . Where to get your stamina and how is it used ? Stamina is required for passage areas. It is restored to 1 unit every 3 minutes. It can be restored immediately after drinking an energy drink ( to buy it , click on the plus sign located next to the scale of endurance ) . Where to get mana and how is it used ? Mana - a special energy with which you can use magic during the game. The " Magic " is available from the third level . With increasing levels you can use in the game various superpowers : for example, increase your speed or become invisible . Scale mana is under scale endurance. Rhee not recovered in time , and its maximum amount depends on the protein. Manu can be restored by drinking magical drinks ( to buy it , click on the plus sign located next to the scale of mana ) , or obtain salvation protein playing a shaman or Hare NeSudby - one unit for each mana rescued squirrel . Where to get nuts , coins ? Coins and nuts - this game currency . Peanuts you get for completing the card. If you Shaman , help other proteins , you get more nuts. Coins can be purchased by clicking the plus sign next to the yellow balance , as well as to exchange them nuts. How many nuts , experience and mana I get per game ? How to get more ? If you take the time to get to the nut and hollows, you get nuts and experience. The amount depends on the complexity of the map. If you die , you will not get anything. If you're a shaman and a nut reached Dupla itself , you get the same experience and nuts , and many ordinary protein , and one shortcut mana per protein ran into Hollow . Additionally charged one shortcut Nuts for each protein , ran into the Hollow (but not more than 10 ICONS Nuts ) . If you save all the protein team - even ONE ICON + per Nuts (but not more than 10 ICONS Nuts ) . If you were a shaman and killed , you get nuts and mana saved for protein. How Squirrel can cast objects shaman ? Purchase your items in the store shaman. They are available from the third level and will be stored in the closet of your house. During the game itself you can create these items . Each item you can use once. Protein can delete only those items that she created . Shaman can remove any objects created Shaman or protein . How to write in chat and interact with other players ? The game has a chat. When you play , chat is activated by pressing the center button with a triangle . To print a message , press the blue button with white cloud . Typing a message , press «Enter», and the words appear above your head Proteins and chatting . What is " My tribe "? My tribe - are players from all social networks with which you are fun to play and socialize. How to add the player in " My tribe "? Click on the name or avatar of the player and select "Add to the tribe ." How to remove a player from " My tribe" ? Click at the avatar of the player and select " Remove from the tribe ." How to play together with your friends ? Click at the avatar of the player and select " Go to the game ." How to dress your protein ? Go into the cabin and click on "Store" at the bottom of the wardrobe. Or click the box labeled " Update Closet " tab "Wardrobe " in the closet. In the store , you can choose any thing like. What if a player swearing , floods and / or insulting other players ? You can ignore messages offensive player by clicking on his avatar and selecting "Ignore ." What is the collection and why they are needed ? Collections - are sets of 5 items , united by one theme. Collection collections allows you to receive additional experience , stamina and mana. To collectible items available ? All three proteins and higher levels , but Shaman and hare NeSudby can not pick up collectible items . Where can I look at my collection? In the house of Proteins in the closet . Storeroom available proteins with 3 levels. What are the rewards for the collection of collections ? Picking any collectible item , the player gets 3 experience . Fully assembled collection of 5 items can be exchanged for gold object , as well as endurance or mana. Awards for the collection can be found in the cabin proteins in the pantry . How to collect the collection? Each card comes in a random place one collectible item. It will get that protein , which was the first to it run so far . Collectibles and do not appear in the Battle and Trials. Shaman and hare NeSudby can not pick up collectible items . I totally made ​​a collection , and gold thing did not let me do that? To get the gold object , you need to press " thing to collect ." This button appears on the subject of gold , if the collection is fully assembled . Is it possible to repeatedly collect the same collection? Yes. One collection you can collect 100 times . I went to the card and collectible item appeared. Items appear only when the card has gone more than 7 people . Items are only available to players who have reached level 3 .
  2. Dear players! In this topic you report the errors that you've come across in the game. To report an error, please, provide us with: 1. Link to your account (mandatory), the name of your browser 2. Time and date (mandatory) 3. The description of the error, specify when it occurs 4. Has the error occurred more than once? If yes, how often does the error occur? 5. Attach the screenshot of the error. Attention!!! All messages that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements will be deleted. Read all messages in this topic before you report your error, it may have already been discussed.
  3. Dear players, in this topic you can ask questions about the game. If you posted a question that had been posted before, it will be deleted. If you haven't found the answer to your question in this topic, you can post it and, please, specify. Only moderators can reply in this topic.
  4. Dear players! In this topic you can leave feedback and suggestions about how to improve the game. Attention!!! Give detailed description of your ideas. Discussing other user's ideas is prohibited.
  5. 08.04.2013 - Improved the speed of the game - Fixed minor bugs - Added the collection, as well as an opportunity to get a unique costume saber-toothed squirrel - Added in-game news section - Now you can vote to banish protein, not going into the hollow. - New players (up to level 3) were able to free avtovoskresheniya after death 18.04.2013 - Large-scale association locations! Sea dried, endless forest turned into a swamp, and among the snow-capped mountains of the island now soar. - Now you can invite friends to the game (using code)! 29.04.2013 - Now you can make configuration management easier. Take control in your hands! Change the joystick settings, do as convenient to you! 16.05.2013 Financial reform ! We want to make prices " Tragedy Protein " more flexible and convenient for you. Therefore, today the cost of changing coins ! For the same amount you can buy 2.5 times more coins than ever before. Prices for suits, potion , etc. in connection with the recalculated. Your balance also recalculated ! But we love all our players, so do all the costumes , potions , etc. 2 times cheaper than they were before the reform . ALL PRICES STEEL 2 times less ! TE From today you will spend LESS TIME rubles for any purchase in " TB " ! Addition to the assortment of clothing ! In a game added Spiderman, Catwoman , Iron Man , Zombie Cop , Ninja , Skeleton , Viking , Angel and Archangel , Death, and many other 20.05.2013 Squirrels! Do not miss it! In "The Tragedy of protein" can now be played with the IPad! https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/squirrels!/id575793214 Do you have a tablet Apple? Rather put the app! Rate the game world "Tragedy Protein" in the new format! 25.07.2013 - A new window with the results of the round. - TV and a chest in the living room . - Fixed some bugs . 08.08.2013 - Shaman can outbid for coins . - Changed prices . - Fixed some bugs . 14.11.2013 Friends , meet a big update to the Mobile version of " Tragedy protein " ! * Map Editor for players. Create cards, get nuts ! (available with 3 levels) * Link your profile to the social networks that you reinstall the application or game from another device, your accomplishments are not lost ! * Now for 5 coins you can buy 250 units of energy , or 400 mana ! This and much more is waiting for you in a mobile version of the game . Download the app : * For Android: https://play.google....games.squirrels * For iPad: https://itunes.apple...ls!/id575793214
  6. Sctrictly prohibited: 1. Profanity, offensive behavior and flooding the chat. 2. Upload of pornographic images. 3. Advertising of games, groups, applications and Websites without further permission of the Administrator. 4. Post links to third-party resources that are not relevant to the game. 5. Post and/or use game bugs to gain advantages. 6. Violation of Local laws 7. Impersonation of moderators. Use of special characters in the nicknames is not allowed. 8. The aforementioned activities will result to ban (block) for a limited time range. Special rules: 1. Administrative decisions cannot be discussed. 2. Administration leaves the right to change and update the rules without prior notice. 3. Administrators are not obliged to disclose or discuss bans and other decisions.
  7. Prohibited : 1. Cursing, insulting other players and flood the chat. 2 . Upload pornographic pictures . 3 . Advertise games , groups, applications and websites without the approval of the administration. 4 . Spread links to other resources that are not related to the game. 5 . Spread and / or use the bugs game for game advantages . 6. Violation of the laws of the Russian Federation . 7. Moderating change name of the game. In nikah banned special characters . The penalty for violation of these rules is a ban ( blocking player) for some time. Special rules 1. Administration decisions not subject to discussion . 2 . The administration reserves the right to change or add to these rules without notice. 3 . Administration is not obliged to disclose the reasons Bans and its other decisions . Misconduct in the chat: 1. Gag from 5 to 30 minutes 1.1. Public discussion moderator action 1.2. Flooding. 2 . Gag from 1 to 24 hours : 2.1. Insulting players , third parties in any manifestation 2.2. insult parents 2.3. Mate in any form (direct , hidden, veiled , abridged ) 2.4. Promotion of drugs, alcohol , sex 2.5. racism 2.6. Impersonating a moderator, the administration of the game in the chat 2.7. Advertising outside projects ( name sites linked to them , etc.) rough is a direct violation of the mat chat bypassing the filter using zadvoennyh letters , letters to replace consonant or visually similar letters and characters , as well as an insult to parents. 3 . Ban from 1 to 24 hours : 3.1.Harassment in nickel 3.2. Mate in nickel 3.3. Nicky containing intimate places 3.4. Promotion of drugs, alcohol , sex nick 3.5. Nicky, containing the name of animals that sound like an insult 3.6.Nicky consisting of words , insults or mat forming , as well as consisting of foreign words Russian sound generators mat 3.7. Nicky, in which isolated by "Caps Lock" some parts forming mat or insulting 3.8. Impersonating moderators , administrators game nick 4 . Ban from 1 to 7 days: 4.1. Writing mat , insults on the map using objects shaman or otherwise. 4.2. insult Administration messages to be removed from the application calls for strikes, negative assessments updates or chat in their names . 5 . Ban from 7 days to 1 year : 5.1. Using third-party software , reports , if any. 5.2. Cheating administration , an attempt to substitute the administration moderators In cases of gross and repeated violations decision on the term ban chat and game administration takes individually.
  8. OUR MODERATORS: 1) Avocado http://vk.com/id153024963 - COORDINATOR 2) R I S H A http://vk.com/id88066844 3) VETALL http://vk.com/id29008198 4) BONAPARTE http://vk.com/id105562673 5) ManiA https://vk.com/id31613765 6) Mr. Mur https://vk.com/id33342888 7) Tsypochka https://www.facebook...100006050076172 8) YehOt http://vk.com/id9604282 9) Master Yoda http://vk.com/id158180996
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